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Payment Facilitator

Account Signups


Use this service to create a new ProPay Commission account. ProPay will use the information provided to create the new account, and will respond to your request with an account number and temporary password.

Unique Email Constraint

ProPay uses email address that you provide as the username for your new account holder. As such, sourceEmail must be unique across the entire ProPay platform. If you submit a signup request with an already-used email address, you will receive a status response of 87 which indicates that the email address has already been taken. You should then instruct the user to choose another and try again.

Who Pays for the Account?

ProPay accounts require that an annual fee is collected before the customer is allowed to access his or her account. Partners can elect to pay for these fees, or can require that the merchant pay him or herself. If a partner chooses the latter option, payment data should be collected and provided as part of the signup process. Use the tags ccNum and expDate for this purpose.

Success, Failure, and International

In the United States and Canada, ProPay has integrated to providers who help us perform an identity check on new accounts. Outside of these markets, we cannot use these same systems and our process has to change a bit.

Good Data Validation is the Key to Successful Signups

In order to create an effective signup experience, a developer needs to quickly adopt the mindset that it is crucial to protect distributors from themselves. Otherwise they will be denied an account when ProPay performs our "Know Your Customer" process. The most common elements that users provide incorrect values for are as follows:

The double entry of key data fields such as SSN, and birth date, will prevent a user from 'fat fingering' information and failing identity checks. "Help" warnings next to important fields will help remind users of the importance of using correct information.

Example Requests and Responses

How to call this method:

HTTP Header Authorization
Example Request
Example Response

How to call this method:

You should submit a post of XML data to the following URL

Example Request
Example Response
Method Implementation
Method Implementation
Method Implementation
Request Submission
Method Implementation Header
Method Implementation
Request Submission
Method Implementation
Request Submission
Method Implementation
Request Submission
Method Implementation
Request Submission
Method Implementation
Request Submission

Minimum Request Values (Many Optional Signup Parameters Exist, and may Apply to your Program. See API Documentation.)

Request Values
XML Tag Max Length Required Format Example Notes
certStr 30 Required String Authentication value supplied by ProPay
sourceEmail 55 Required String Email address
firstName 20 Required String First Name
lastName 25 Required String Last Name
addr 100 Required String Address line 1.
Cannot submit PO Boxes (must be a physical address)
addr2 100 Optional String Address line 2
city 30 Required String
state 3 Required* String UT State or Province

If USA, this value MUST be one of the standard 2 character abbreviations. Rule also applies for Canadian signups. (Must be standard province abbreviation.)

For international signups, it is recommended, but can be omitted if desired.
zip Required* String Zip or postal code

If domestic signup this value MUST be either 5 or 9 characters with no dash. For Canada this value MUST be 6 characters and also include the space A1A 1A1
country Optional String TTO Country

See Appendix B for allowed country codes. ISO 3166 standard 3 character code.
dayPhone Required String Daytime phone number

If USA or Canadian signup this value must be 10 characters with no dash.
evenPhone Required String Evening phone number

If USA or Canadian signup this value must be 10 characters with no dash.
External ID 20 Optional String
ssn Required* String 555555555 Social Security Number or Social Insurance Number

Requirements vary by processing environment. See full API documentation.
dob Required String 01-01-1951 Date of birth

mm-dd-yyyy. Applicants must be at least 18 years old to obtain an account.
Response Values
XML Tag Type Notes
status string Result of the transaction request.

See ProPay Appendix for result code definitions.
accntNum Integer Account Number

Assigned to each account by ProPay
password String Temporary password.

Will need to be changed on first login.
sourceEmail String Email address used for signup
tier String Type of ProPay account provided to user.

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