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Commission Payments Integration


ProPay® offers a fantastic solution for companies that need to pay commissions to independent contractors or distributors. Paying commissions to a ProPay account offers significant savings over traditional check-based solutions and provides users with multiple means to access their funds. ProPay commission account holders are given access to our website and can use it to transfer funds to bank accounts in many countries, and are also given Prepaid MasterCard® debit card. Another key advantage over traditional check-based solutions is that with ProPay's Commission program, we perform government-mandated "Know Your Customer" functions that you are likely responsible for.

Integration Components

There are four components that you will need to integrate in order to operate a successful ProPay Commission program. We have built APIs that allow you to perform each of these requirements:

Sign Up For A ProPay Account

Account Sign Up

Submit an Independent Contractor or Distributor's information to create an account to pay out commissions.

ProPay to ProPay Account Transaction

Funds Disbursement

Pay Independent Contractors or Distributors commissions quickly and securely into a ProPay account.

Renew A ProPay Account

Renew An Account

Extend the expiration date of a ProPay merchant or card only account by another year.

Account Ping

Account Ping

Use our Ping service to get information on account numbers, tiers, status, expiration date & more.