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ProPay® supports merchant processing needs by offering both a tokenized and non-tokenized approach to accepting credit and debit card payments.

ProPay's ProtectPay® tokenization service is recommended for most merchants because it enables processing without the need for sensitive data to touch the merchant's own network. Using ProtectPay® helps merchants maintain compliance with the PCI data security standard, and allows them to focus on growing a business while ProPay® helps to protect sensitive data.

For merchants who are comfortable managing their own data security, and who can validate their own PCI compliance, ProPay® provides a simpler API-only option to accept credit and debit cards.

Tokenized Payment API Integration Roadmap

ProtectPay® Integration

Merchants looking for secure payment tokenization for the purpose of PCI compliance, mitigating risk, and protecting cardholder data should use this path.

Non-Tokenized Payment API Integration Roadmap

Non-Tokenized Integration

Merchants who have validated PCI compliance may use this path.