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Maintaining accurate customer data is one of the major challenges faced by merchants accepting payments for card-on-file transactions. Customer cards will expire or be replaced if they are lost or stolen, and card numbers and expiration dates will need to be corrected before a merchant can accept a successful transaction. ProPay's EnsureBill solution provides merchants with updated card account information through their acquirer to allow recurring payment relationships to continue without interruption. This service is available for Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express cards.

Merchants are billed for updates to the unique Payment Methods they enroll with EnsureBill. The updates are:

EnsureBill customers receive a daily report that contains a list of Payment Methods that have been updated along with a description of the information which was changed.

EnsureBill is a Companion to ProtectPay

EnsureBill works as a companion product offering to ProPay's tokenization service, ProtectPay. Every ProtectPay Payer Management Interface, and the ProtectPay API calls that allow a user to save payment information include a variable named Protected. Setting this value as true causes the new payment to be automatically enrolled for updates so long as the customer has also been signed up for EnsureBill. Deleting a ProtectPay Payment Method removes the update functionality as does the edit of a payment method to remove the Protected flag.